Online Dating Tips For Lesbians
Posted by | December 27, 2017

lesbian dating tipsIf you’re a lesbian searching for your ideal partner, you will probably be tempted to try online dating at some point. It can be a great way to meet the woman of your dreams, and it can work just as well for lesbians as it does for heterosexual couples. So how do you get started? The following are a few tips that will help you be successful in your online dating endeavor.

First of all, choose your dating site carefully. Some sites are more suitable for lesbians than others. Asking around among your friends, or on internet discussion boards, about which dating communities are best for you might be a good place to start. You may also want to try more than one site to see which best suits you. Do your research and think about which type of service appeals to you most – for example, some sites offer extensive matching services, while others let you do the searching yourself.

Keep in mind that being in a minority may mean you have to look a little further to find your ideal match. There will simply be fewer women in your area, and you may need to travel a bit further to find love. The nearest big city is a good place to center your search, as larger metropolitan areas are usually more diverse and have a larger gay and lesbian population. Make sure your search radius includes at least one larger city.

You may wish to hide your profile from everyone except other women who are also looking to date women. It is a common aggravation that lesbians are continually approached to take part in threesomes with heterosexual couples, rather than asked on actual dates. Of course, this may not be a problem to you if you are open to those activities, but if your interest lies more in dating and finding a partner, then blocking heterosexuals from contacting you will likely save you a lot of headaches and irritation. At the very least, make sure you block men from contacting you, since quite a few of them get some sort of strange thrill out of asking lesbians all sorts of personal questions. This is probably no surprise to you, unless you haven’t used the internet extensively until recently.

Watch out for your privacy and security as well, just as anyone using online dating sites should do. Gays and lesbians are unfortunately the target of hate crimes, and while these occurrences are hopefully becoming more rare, the last thing you want to do is become the target of some ignorant hate group. You may wish to hide your photo and only share it with matches you select, and you should always meet your dates in public locations at first.

Finally, while mainstream dating sites do have many lesbian subscribers, you might also check out niche sites specifically targeted toward your demographic. They often have fewer subscribers, but the support services will be geared toward your specific interests and may be more helpful. Another option is to use both kinds of sites and compare the two. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the right fit and environment for you.

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